Alyce Hattie Bea

Alyce Hattie Bea is a family run business aimed to share a bit of our life style with you! I am a mommy of 2 beautiful girls! Alyce is the oldest.  She was named after a woman I dearly loved who passed away at the age of 89 (92) but you never ask a lady her age! So she was always 89 to me! We would sing and dance, volunteer and visit her husband who had Alzheimer's in the nursing home! She was a firey woman with hair to match and my Alyce is living up to her personality in every sense! I was exposed to much from times gone by because of her so I have used this name to represent Alyce's Old fashioned Creations! I spin wool into yarn, crochet, and bake from scratch using tried and true recipes. Hattie is our Nubian goat.  Her milk will be used to make my soaps, lotions, and skin care products! Goats milk softens skin and adds moisture.  My soaps are an affordable luxury for any customer! Check out my sample packs and seasonal varieties.  Bea is my youngest daughter's middle name.  She is very tactile and likes to fiddle with whatever she can get her hands on to figure it out.  I started making Busy Bea Mommy Jewelry to be stylish and to keep her busy while I got things done.  These necklaces are a great shower or new baby gift and a must have for any young baby! Check out myfacebook page to learn more about me, my homestead and my family!


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